Texas Volleyball Camp | Libero Description

Cost:   $ 345.00

Libero Camp

Session 1: June 29 - July 1, 2015

Session 2: July 14 - 16, 2015

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Our Libero Camp is designed for athletes entering grades 7-12 and is ideal for athletes who already have identified themselves as a libero or defensive specialist and want to improve on these skills. This position-specific camp focuses upon passing and defensive techniques. These include forearm passing, overhead passing, digging, and rolling. Campers also learn a variety of systems and styles that help them with their relationships on the court. Space in this camp is limited, so sign up soon!

Sample Camp Schedule (Tentative)

First Day
3:00 PM       Check-In
4:00 PM       Dinner
5:00 PM       Camp meeting
5:45 PM       First training session starts
9:15 PM       Return to dorm
10:30 PM     All campers in their rooms

Second Day
7:00 AM       Breakfast
8:15 AM       First training session starts
11:20 AM     Return to dorm
11:30 AM     Lunch
1:40 PM       Second training session starts
4:20 PM       Return to dorm
4:30 PM       Dinner starts
6:30 PM       Third training session starts
8:40 PM       Return to dorm
10:30 PM     All campers in their rooms

Last Day
7:00 AM       Breakfast
8:15 AM       First training session starts
10:45 AM     Return to dorm
11:00 AM     Check-Out begins

This schedule is tentative and will vary some. The training sesions are divided into orange and white waves, both of which will train during the training session time.

Things To Bring To Camp

· Volleyball clothes - comfortable shorts or bikers and t-shirts
· Extra socks, playing shoes, and sandals
      Please wear court shoes that are already broken in.
· Umbrella or poncho - please be prepared if it rains!
· Knee pads
· Alarm clock
· Towels, washcloths, soap, and personal toiletries
· Extra long sheets or sleeping bag
     Linens are available from Dobie and can be purchased at the front desk.
     Texas Volleyball Camp does not provide linens.

· Pillow
· Spending money
     Campers are allowed to visit the Dobie food court after the night session.
     Some camps will allow time to visit the University CO-OP.
     Campers will be supervised by staff members at all times.

Attending Multiple Sessions

If you are attending consecutive camps, the night in between is NOT included in the camp fees. If you need to stay in the dorm on those evenings, please contact the camp director to make special accommodations prior to the beginning of camp. You can also add this option when you register for camp.


Transportation to/from ABIA to the Texas Volleyball Camp is not included in the camp fee. If you need us to provide transportation for your daughter to/from ABIA please send campers' travel itineraries to the Texas Volleyball Camp no later than two weeks prior to her camp start date. Include the name of the camper(s) and the session(s) they are attending. Campers should arrive in Austin the same day their camp begins, preferably between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM. Registration will begin at 3:00 PM. It is requested that campers depart between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM on the last day of camp.

Mail During Camp

For campers attending multiple sessions only:
Camper Name, Volleyball Camp, Dobie Center, 2021 Guadalupe; Austin, TX 78705

Please try to notify the Texas Volleyball Camp via email if you are sending mail so that we can look out for it.
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